Today I heard two beautiful Cardinals calling. They have a very unique and lovely call, and I just thought of this...

Here I perch, in a tree
Singing my lovely melody
I call to find a mate,
For that is my instinct, my fate.

I look and listen all around
But I do not hear her, there is no sound.
Am I saying something wrong?
Am I singing the wrong song?

I am looking for one  to marry,
One to cherish and to carry.
Will I ever find her, will she ever hear?
Will she and I ever be near?

Does she know my intentions?
Does she understand my affections?
Is she out there?
My true love-a lady bird so fair?

The sky is blue and bright
But my heart is in a fright.
For I am very alone,
Why has my love not shone?

I will be in so much pain
If her I do not gain.
Wait a minute-I hear a song across the wind,
And for that I think I just grinned.

I  hear a maiden call
And now I feel one hundred feet tall
Come to me!   Come to me!
Here I am, up in this tree!

Oh-there she is!   I see her coming!
And I think I am humming.
She is so pretty
And so gorgeous, so witty!

It is love at first sight
She is the one, she is Miss Right.
The facts are quite straight
All I had to do was wait!

Love should never be rushed
Because if the wrong one is found, your heart will be crushed.
Wait for the one who is meant for you
And you will find love ever so true!

The End

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