He broke my heart
and you broke my hymen,

It seems a fair

To me, at least.

He broke my trust
and you broke my record

And we'll carry on until we break my heart


And leave bedroom
floors black and kitchen floors green

With envy as you
move on to the next girl.


And regardless, and
right now, and again, and again,

I think I'll want
you until these skies turn grey

And the grass cries
your name

In exasperation

And pure
unadulterated lust.

It feels my pain.

Beaded up and
galled, with a sign for good luck

And a slight air of

Take me now and this
shall be forgotten,

If we could erase
him, if you could anaesthetise these wounds,

Keep going, keep

Harder and stronger

To give us
foundations of stone

So I can sit on a
bed made of carved enamel and forests

And look down on the
life I should have made

My own

And feel no regret.



If I could make you

I think I could



For all he put me

I'll take my revenge

Mindless, unplanned,

In a way that will
take my breath away

And leave me holding

In my hands than I
ever believed possible.


 He broke my heart
and you broke my hymen.

He wanted my all and
you would leave me unscathed,


For three years or

And yet,


 All I wish and all I dream and all I want and
all I need

Is you,

With me, around me,
beside me, inside me,

With your hand in
mine, your breath in my ear

And a blank chapter
starting anew.



The End

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