Call UpMature

War poem

We will kill to put the world to right.Come my heros,come and join the fight.

You can have a can have a gun.

You will feel six feet tall.killing is fun.

You can have a medal when the enemy does run.

Take the kings shilling and leave your mum.

I took it. I went. I had a uniform.I had a gun.

I did not feel six feet tall as the enemy did run,


I miss my Mum.

In blood and shit I lay.

Thinking of home so far away.

Yorkshire Puds and pints of beer

And women?

Well there is non here.

Flies buzz round open wounds Uniforms stained in shit and pee

What happened to the people we used to be?

I wonder?does the enemy think the same as me?

A war started by the power that be.

So warm and snug across the sea.

I think if we win.we could have lost.When we count the final cost.

The price of tears and misery.

The End

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