Call me Vivi...

...for once I lived.

Call me Vivi

For once I lived

Perchance I dreamed

A life of joy

Of prospect

And hope.

Call me Mortuus Sum

For I am dead.

What more beautiful way to take a life

To give yours

Your sacrifice confirmed my death

But not unwilling on my part

A sacrifice of love,

Of obedience

To you

The only one worthy of this

I lie before you

I can count my bones

They are broken.

What food have I but your body?

What drink but your blood?

So I will feast and devour my sacrificed saviour


Mortuus Sum

These are my names.

Yet I yearn for the hope

The hope of a new life after this one

After this death

To live

And perchance to dream.

Still, in this death

I am broken

I know you are the life among the dead

Bring me toward yourself.

"Whoever wants to follow me must not do whatever he wants, he must cruelly bear his own mode of execution and die and do this daily. If anyone wants to deny this command of mine and save their lives, they will not spend eternity with me. If anyone obeys me and dies to himself, he will spend eternity with me. Answer for yourself this question, what would would it be for one of you to gain all good and wonderful things and yet lose your own place at my table? Or what would anyone bribe me with to keep their place? If any of you are ashamed of me and the words I speak then I will be ashamed of you when I come in the glory of God in the last day to raise to life all the dead."

-Jesus [Mark 8:34-38 Paraphrase]

The End

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