call me a feminist b-tch, go on, do it, i'm not afraid of you

i don't identify as female. i don't, because on a basic level i am that little option of either/or, but i have lived my entire life as a biological girl, so here is what i have to say.

i remember your world being my world 
your hardships being my hardships 

after all, 
there is a violence to being female. 

sunken into the oils we rub into our skin, 
complicated rituals to clear our skin and cover blemishes 
to be flawless
to be indistinguishable 
this is our code of honour, 
a painful induction to a society that will protect you - 
at a cost. 

first you must endure the absolute first catcall, 
hear your body objectified by crude shouts from strange men 
on the street
in a passing car 
out bodies are public property 
and the public they belong to will not let us forget that

girls, we have stories 
of rescues from men, 
girl power and the undeniable connection of being the "weaker sex"

because we have learned to only ever trust those who know how it feels 
when night is falling and we fear 
the violation of our bodies 
and things that should not be taken being stolen 

as though the only thing we have to offer
lies between our thighs. 

The End

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