Cain and Abel

Inspired by the terrific narrative poem "Cinderella" by Anne Sexton I also tried to write a poem about a known story from another point of view. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Morning -

"I can't see beyond the horizon.

That means the land ends somewhere."

Said Cain to himself while brushing his long thick hair

with a remnant of a comb-like bone,

thinking: "This land I own."

He went down to the river

Where he saw his little brother

conquering the land with his sheep.

"How are you, brother?" Called Abel to Cain

"How's your vegetable business going so far?"

They never talked about anything else but business. Again.

"Cain, come over later today!

We'll eat and relax on the hay."

This friendly invitation opened his heart

"Sounds good  - relaxation and food.

See you before the sun goes down

at your place." Cain said

and walked back to his vegetable beds

kneeling and digging in the heat.

He picked up some vegetable for his brother he'll later meet.

The sun became lower and lower

So Cain prepared a handful of carrots,

beet and tomatoes, so red

then went back to his shed

to bring his self-made grape-juice.

He walked barefoot to his little brother's hut.

The door was shut. But -

Cain heard whispers and laughter.

He put down the full basket

and knocked on the door.

Abel opened it with a pleased smile

and after a while

Cain saw her.

The one and only woman on earth

was there on the hay to stay

with Abel.

"Welcome brother and thanks for your generous gift" Abel greeted Cain.

So the three of them sat there having a family meal

Cain's warm heart became cold as steel.

"Got to go home – the sun disappeared"

Said Cain

Although they all knew the sun will come up again.

The next day it was time to pray

and thank g-d for the abundance of good he pours day after day.

Cain brought his best ripen vegetables to g-d.


his little brother's gift was accepted

and his was rejected.

Frustrated and furious he killed his little brother – Abel.

Now Cain was able

to be the owner of luck and fortune.

Yes, he could

he owned the whole world!


The End

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