It's about being in place where you can see what's going on in the world but you cannot be apart of it.
You're just watching what life does to others but not what it does to you.

On the inside looking out,
Feeling my soul writhe and thrash about.

Watching as the clouds cross the sky,
Seeing that free bird fly.

As the sun shines,
My outlook on life redefines.

I'm engulfed within the darkness,
Blindly choking on my lifes harness.

But no one can see,
How my life is slowly killing me.

I live inside of a cage,
The one thing that powers me is my rage.

I mutter words that don't mean a thing,
My life dangling precariously from a string.

I gaze into the mirror and feel sick,
Wondering why my mind plays this dirty trick.

Inch by inch my skin is scar painted,
My blood leaves my veins until I have fainted.

In the end I know I'll fall,
My body sways to the sound of Death's call.

My heart beat thumps, one, two, three,
Looks like Death has finally found me.

The End

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