By My Side


Im alone when i open my eyes in the morning, Im alone when i close my eyes at night,

Im alone in this lonely world, with so many battles to fight,

and i dunno how i will get through, without you by my side.


I thought if i had you i'd face all the demons of my life,

but i guess i was wrong, since you left my side.


I miss u my friend, I miss being by your side,

and the thought of losing you now keeps me awake at night.


I don't know whats happening to me, is this what they call life,

If so then i want to spend it with you always by my side.


You tell me you cant always meet me, you cant always take my side,

but my friend, you are the only one i go to when i have a hard day or night.


Who do i trust when i cant trust you with my life,

Why did you leave me my friend when you became the best thing in my life.

The End

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