Fuzzy teeth and angry eyes,

You’re blending into the carpet and I,

Can’t seem to pull you up can’t,

Bend down and reach within you.

I lay down beside you in retreat

The ceiling spins and hums and,

You’re breathing still, that’s how I know

You’re not the floral pattern on the rug, much more

Than the still-sitting fly on the mantelpiece

Or the hollow ringing in my ears

That rocks your fragile bones to sleep.

Celestial spinning in my eyes

I struggle to maintain my grip I,

Feel weightless in this outer globe I,

Feel no pressure in this head of mine.

For once in my young life,

I’m not wrapped in paper skin not,

Wrinkled with age or blotted mane.

Inside my head I talk to you

You’re not the voice on the radio

The buzzing sounds of this unnatural room

I can’t explain it, I just know.  

Once I cared much more than now

About the seeping out

The fluid of your heart around,

Our bodies lying on the ground

Sticky sweat and fading out.

But that was then, and this is now.

The End

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