butterfly effect

as i put this butterfly on my wrist my thigh and my fingers

i keep in my mind

if i pick up this blade

my butterfly will die

im the one who wanted be apart of this crusade

but isnt to live as live is to die

i shouldve juss left it alone

letting my butterfly breathe and sore in the wind

but my numbness and letting life to this is hard to mend

stay positive!! think of your replacements!

cant listen to music

and im writeing this but i think im about to lose it!

hmmm this butterflies effect

i think i know whats next....

i pick up the blade

stuck in this rut

i simply have to cut!

i throw it feeling even worse

"yes! i love you butterfly of course!"

im in this tug a war with depression

which ill either suceed or die trying

but im going to for a walk

just me and my butterfly

as we flow through the wind giveing this life a final spin

im thinking im going to let my butterfly win...



The End

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