Butterflies of the Holocaust.Mature

As I noted when I wrote this (age 12), this is a poem about "the Holocaust, extermination camps, and Hitler's dangerous psycho mind".

Okay, weird title I know, but that's just how I saw their souls.

There are people weeping everywhere,

And in their heart there is a tear.

But "It's for the greater good," he says.

The soldiers are coming ever nearer;

This fog is becoming ever clearer-

And "It's for the greater good," he says.

We are stuck in this ghetto, together like cattle.

We must find the strength to keep fighting this battle.

Because "It's for the greater good".

Now they advance onto our street,

And I see the people I wished not to meet.

Yet "It's for the greater good," he says.

There's a harsh knocking upon our front door-

We all know what's coming, we've seen this before,

As "It's for the greater good".

Packed on a train and off we go,

But if I'll live I do not know.

And still he says, "It's for the greater good".

We are shoved in a shower side by side,

Stripped of everything, even our pride.

But "It's for the greater good".

My throat is closing, I can no longer speak.

My insides are burning; my knees are all weak,

But "It's for the greater good," he says.

There's screaming; then silence; but now there's no pain.

I'm hoping to God we don't suffer in vain.

But still, "It's for the greater good".

He holds the gun up to his head,

And just before the splash of red,

"It was for the greater good!" he shouts.

All of us watched him from up in the sky,

But none of us mourned and no single soul cried.

After all,

It was for the greater good.

The End

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