But now we're friends

"I'm not a pessimist, but sometimes, hope is missed or missing." Deaf Havana.

I love this line, this poem is for the girl who introduced me to the song I have just quoted. The song is Anemophobia by Deaf Havana and I recommend anyone confused about their feelings to listen to it. It's because of this song I know what to feel...so this poem is for Rebecca.

Hello, sweet farewell, again, not redeemed,
No rebuke, nor regret, no dispute, nor esteem,
No roses, or angst, or loathing we share,
Just bitter memory, of nothing we have here.

I may not be perfect; you may not be wise,
I may not love you, you may not realise,
I may still yearn for you, and you may not know,
But I won't be begging, and you wont let go.

So hate me, or love me, but be honest this time,
For the only forsaken thing, breathes life in this sign,
Don't forget me, or hold me a grudge in your life,
For I am a shadow of breath in your mind.

Take time to take care and take me in your dreams,
Just memory, of consequence, thrown at us in reams,
Of ink and of constant despicable lie,
To text and to prose until we inevitably die.

For I'm not for you, and you'll never be mine,
For we too different circumstance, a separatist fine,
To age a difference in maturity we are,
A piece of reflection, in contemplative stars.

For I miss you in here, in my heart, by my side,
But resign to defeat, and let you walk by.
We differ in heart and bloody in mind,
For I want once to love you, and then let you die.

The End

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