But I Loved Her...

A dead silence filled the air,

So quiet only death could be heard,

And as quickly as it had come it vanished,

As the gasp that haunts sounded throughout every corner and every ear and every mind it called,

People screamed as her heart was silenced,

People cried as her last breath was drawn,

But he just sat by her side and stared,

For he couldn't believe,

He wouldn't believe,

As tears slid his hands stroked her face,

He now knows he is alone as the girl he loved is dead,

And that,

That vow of love for her was gone,

No longer will he see her face, her smile, her eyes,

Never again will he hear her voice, her laugh, her breath,

He will never kiss, never hold,

All he wishes for now is death to join her,


The End

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