This word we use a lot, to explain what we have got,

And to compare what we have lost.


It's so simple can't you see? It's almost like ecstasy,

Finding something to contrast so easily.


It's not just love or lust, or something we would call just,

It is used when there's a must.


It's a maybe you or I. It's between a low or high,

Why do you act so blind?


Let me say it clearly now, don't make faces, don't you frown,

Just listen closely as I vow.


It's not all straight, it can be curved, the paths will always be turned,

Are you starting to feel perturbed?

It is the line that comes after a silence, it is the end of a simple romance.

What can we do? What can we say?

A silent But is on the way.

The End

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