Bury Me Alive

If i say yes and you say no,
  where are we suppose to go,
  This grave I dig by myself,
  Is made by lies and my real self,
  If the truth gets out i won't surrive,
  So go ahead, bury me alive,
  Take me away from the pain,
  Break apart this boundful chain,
  that holds me in my place,
  Remove the fold from my face,
  Surround my body with loose dirt,
  Don't worry, it won't hurt,
  So go ahead bury me alive,
  till im nearly air deprived,
  As you bury me down below,
  My pain and suffering will be slow,
  Remember to place a rose on my grave,
  Don't remember what i took, but remember what i gave,
  All the things i didn't mean to do,
  Everything was done just for you,
  So bury me alive,
  to help you surrive.

The End

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