burt the firefighter

there once was a fella named burt
who was a fire fighter and a flirt,
with a shock of golden hair,
he often sat in a rocking chair,
sparkling smile and gleam in eye,
with a quick wit and charming style,
a true knock at t'ladies' heart after a while.
but lo, one summer's eve, a cabin asunder,
glowering orange, threatened nearby domiciles,
rationale he ignored for t'was time to impress,
and tried he to take his game higher,
but couldn't handle the intense blaze duress,
when he stood inside the cabin on fire,
alas, sullenly the townsfolk guess,
untimely t'was when he expired,
and all thy golden hearts welled with hurt
for poor dear burt, who was now ash, trav'ed thru th'air

The End

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