Burst Of Light

I walk with my head down amongst a sea full of faces.

Everyone of the shoving me in the direction that they see fit.

I walk amongst them growing angrier,

Feeling the heat inside of me rise to a degree of no return.

I stand in the middle of the street as I raise my hands up to stop all that is around me.

Never feeling that I belonged, never feeling whole.

I feel the heat within me burst from within my soul.

No one knows what has become of me, nor knows how to stop it.

The light within me grows brighter as I feel it over coming me with its force.

To burst into flames and engulf all those around me would be simple to do.

My soul bursts from within me.

And as a lighthouse does, I shine in the middle of the darkness that surrounds me.

The power is too strong and the light begins to burn as I feel myself giving in to the flame.

I let go.

My heart aches as I feel the light come through me from within.

Then you hold me, tightly as if I may fly away.

But where have you come from?

Were you always there?

I look down to you as you look up at me.

You hold me tighter, even though you may get burned.

I want to let go, but you will not let me.

I close my eyes and before I can go any further I begin to feel your heart beat.

The amazing feeling of your heartbeat from within your chest through mine causes me to open my eyes.

I looked to you as your eyes fill with tears, telling me not to do it.

I never wanted to hurt you or anyone else.

I place my hand upon your cheek, wiping away your tears.

The light within me subsides as I now hold on to you.

My heartbeats at the same pace as yours.

Your arms wrap around me tighter as I feel your soul anchor me to all that is humanity.

I place my head upon your shoulder as I hear you whisper within my ears,

“Are you ready?”

I respond with a simple “Yes” as I feel the light within you wrap around us, protecting us from all that is seen and unseen.

And with a simple kiss, we become untouchable by everything and everyone.


The End

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