Heart BreakersMature

My heart is breaking,
Every time I look at him,
I feel that empty ache in my chest,
Reminding me;

He’s a heart breaker,
I knew it from the start,
Yet I refused
To give in, to be like everyone else,
To hate him for what he was and is

Now I’m paying the price,
To have loved such a creature,
Longing to see the day,
He comes back to me

I see him in the hallways,
I see him during class,
And it’s all the more painful,
To be alone at last

Be careful what you wish for,
That’s what they told me,
I should have listened, should have gone away
Now I’m paying the price to have loved such a creature

He’s a heart breaker,
His good looks were just a ruse,
His sweet temper, a lie
Watch out for his kind,

The heart breakers,
There’s one in every school, they lie in waiting,
They pounce on the innocent

And they make you pay,
For loving such a creature,
They break your heart,
And leave you to collect the pieces

The End

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