Farewell ForeverMature

Can you feel the heart beating inside of me?
Do you see the blood rolling down my cheeks,
In place of tears?
Hear the breath, one last breath, escape my wounded body?
Hear my cries in the night, when no one is around?
Do you try…. Try to comprehend…. The damage you’ve done?
Not just to me, but the others, lying near all crying bloody tears?
Watch for once, listen to what we say,
What we can say.
Hear the words not once spoken,
For the day will come when you hear no more,
See no more of what you thought was fun.
This deadly slaying, how could you?
We knew no mercy, and as we come back,
One by one, each extracting our won due payment.
Watch out I warn, for my love has yet to die, even as I myself do.
Take into account, this one last warning.
My dear love as I leave this world and you as well….
Farewell Forever.

The End

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