Burning in water, Drowning in flamesMature

Just a collection of my poems. In a random order, but updated as I write them. Mature audiences only please because some of them are a tad bit disturbing.

"I've been burning in water and drowning in flame, To prove you wrong and scare you away, I have never minded the one back home, Your heart under the rose." ~ H.I.M {{ His Infernal Majesty }}


  1. Burning In Water, Drowning In Flames
  2. Let the pieces fly
  3. Suicide Voices
  4. Pieces
  5. Death Glow
  6. Destruction
  7. Alone
  8. Broken
  9. All That I Know
  10. Harpy
  11. Life's Not Worth It
  12. Where Did I Go Wrong?
  13. Farewell Forever
  14. I Tear My Soul Apart
  15. Change
  16. I Carry On
  17. Silver Light
  18. Heart Breakers
  19. For Now, For Ever
  20. The Color Green
The End

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