Burning ChangeMature

You bubble wrap yourself,

Cover up your ears,

Stick your head in the sand and hum.

Life isn't something you can run from, hon.

I don't have issues, you just want to hide from reality,

The world has issues, and your narcissism took it's toll on me, mentally.

You crushed your "best friend" when she was down, and you watch as I make myself bleed, and bruise

It's either be a friend, have a dead companion, or have no one at all. you choose.

I couldn't wait for you to decide, I got the hell out of there and just in time.

Too long I have been your friend, giving you a solid ground to walk on as you wiped your shoes on my face,

Any longer and the blade would have gone too deep, too many pills to swallow, the rope would have looked so tempting.  That would have been the case.

Would you bad mouth a corpse?  Of course.  I wouldn't put anything past you, my dear friend.

Did you read the email?  All lies to help you cope.  Do you know how difficult it was to press send?

Honestly, since it is the best policy, I hope you rot in hell.

Let's see if your buckets of money will make you catch fire faster,

I doubt I'll be heaven, but seeing you encased in flames is heaven for me.

The End

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