Burning Autumn

I was thinking, as I sat on my porch, about the season; how leaves change color and fall to the ground. This work is inspired by fall.

The leaves are burning

But not with flame

They are becoming red

Despite autumn rain

They are burning

Inside themselves

Igniting a fire

That is not from hell

They are ignited

From within their soul 

Burning a fire

That unshades their homes

They are falling

Like ash from the sky

They fall to the ground

And in the wind, they wave goodbye

They are leaving for winter

But the trees are crying, still, for their leaves

And they weep for summer to come

As they float away down the street

The trees are dying

Without their shade

Dying in autumns glow

That comes as Spring's light fades 

They will be green again, don't fret

They will live when the leaves return

Until next year

The season leaves burn

The End

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