I measure my desire with my senses

The more I want the more I feel

The more I allow myself to feel

Inhibited by nothing but the very thing that frees me

I feel you pore to pore

I divulge because I want my soul to touch yours

Contact can be seen as so basic

But there’s nothing basic when it comes to need

I can’t understand the forces that drive me

Anymore than I can explain your attraction to me

We’re magnets set apart but pulling apart the distance

I don’t even know if it means a thing

I use to search for symbols, all I found was my own nature to stall.

We could only be wadding through a sea of inevitability.

But I find my need to be vast

I can see it expanding past any horizon line

I can see it plateau and I can see it escalate

I can see us jumping through the currents like two flying fish

Swimming to our own milk and honey

I reckon we can pass for fearless

Breathing in an oath and choking up salt water or tears

I don’t fear much anyway

Something about you makes me mad

Embodied by lust

Craving your curved spine and my traveling hands

There is no reason

Hell no, there’s not an inch of common sense between us

Just two sitting at the edge of the world

Contemplating the jump

We can see the stars

Evidence of those they say just didn’t make it

But I would still jump

I want to be the first of our kind

Or at least feel like one of a kind

Leave it all in their imaginagations

Love is spark after all

We are scorching

Sitting in tender embers

Burning where our bodies connect

The End

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