Bum RapMature

I must say literalism

Is sometimes quite the bore -- like

Thinking someone with no urine

Means that they're 'piss poor.'

Like thinking a 'tit-mouse'

Is a rodent with large breasts,

Or that a 'writing bug'

Is an articulate pest.

So, when I told a friend of mine

A 'bum rap' is too unkind,

He had the gall to ask me if

I could rap with my behind!

I tried to tell him clearly,

Time after time after time,

That a 'bum rap' is ill circumstance --

A butt cannot bust rhymes!

"Ah, damn!" he said, dejected,

"For surely, you'd be famous,

Who'd ever think that one could quote

Rap verses from one's anus!"

He must have bumped his head

He couldn't understand

The only sound is flatulence

An ass makes on demand.

It cannot quote Shakespeare,

Nor Nas nor Biggie Smalls,

The other side can come correct

(Then again, it's got balls.)

After this drole exchange

My friend bid me "adieu,"

I went back to my Pudding Pop

Geez! How'd it get in my SHOE?!?


The End

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