I wrote this poem to show people how severe the effects of bullying can be. I've been bullied all my life and I think it's about time people took a serious stand against it and made it stop. Bullying pushes people to depression and suicide, it makes them hate themselves and makes them see themselves as different or inferior because of the way they look, their weight or their accent.
Take a stand against bullying.

Sometimes in life we have a moment

A moment everything changes

In that second we snap

Snap like a twig


In that second

Those few words

Life can end before death catches up

Everything blurs to nothing


The end comes at a choice

A knife can animate

Some pills can fall

Water can gather in your breath


You remember all the nasty comments

All the cruel jokes

Every second of your life

Someone playing God.


You recollect every time they pushed you

Tripped you

Laughed in your face

Made you feel inferior


Every time you look in a mirror

You fill with hate

Hate they instilled into your soul

Ugly. Fat. Different.


Life becomes an unbearable haze

Everyday painful.

The knife plunges

Red falls.


A sea of black gathers round

Farewell to a son. daughter. friend.

Tears spill over

The guilt never comes


Another life ended

By your hate.

The End

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