I wrote this poem for school.

  • Bullies!
  • They make you sick,
  • You just want to call them a dipstick.
  • It's hard to ignore them,
  • Don't stop and start to panic.
  • Bullies!
  • They make you sad, 
  • You just want to go mad.
  • But don't hit walls, table and doors,
  • You must talk to your mum and dad.
  • Bullies!
  • They say your fat,
  • Just like a rat.
  • Don't shout at them and keep calling out f**k off,
  • And please don't hide under a mat.
  • Bullies!
  • They say things you don't understand,
  • Just ignore them and think of sand.
  • Never walk over to them and start a fight,
  • You may be quick with words but maybe not with hand.
  • Bullies!
  • They'll get in trouble,
  • So tell someone on the double.
  • If they go too far and the teachers haven't stopped them,
  • It is hard to resist so hit them really quick,
  • And hope they hit the floor like a pile of rubble.
  • Bullies!
  • They are really nasty outrageous people.
The End

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