Bullet-Peppered Dove

When you’re with the one you love,

You’re invincible, invulnerable, immortal and above.


But then we lose that special someone

That one we really love,

And we’re brought crashing back to Earth,

Like a bullet-peppered dove.


Then we realise how easy we hurt,

How little damage we take,

Our hearts wear “fragile” stickers,

Oh, how easily they break.


We try to stay strong,

To take it in our stride,

To make it look okay,

If only for our pride.


We want the pain to dissipate,

To leave us empty and cold,

And as a car speeds towards us,

I ponder a question of old;


How do you rid pain?

The answer is simple and clear,

Just stay where you are,

Let metal on metal shear.


The cars will collide

New pain will come,

You cannot move,

The pain, you feel some.


But next comes bliss,

From which the body cannot fend,

The pain will lessen, and lessen

Then, the pain will end.

The End

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