Built From The Bones Of A Lie

It's about corruption and how the mindset of people can be manipulated for years

The pages of history are smeared in blood

The true face of evil, y0u're misguided, misunderstood

Demons lurk out of the camera's view

Darkness feeds on the light inside you


Devils hidden behind suits, as they steal and loot

Building small goals to purposes resolute

When gods and governments turn away

Cards of fate dealt again, the fires and suppression stay the same

The rules of the game never change


They say death will liberate, set us all free

But I wake up to heaven, seeing the enemy around me

I look to the wise, the enemy surrounds me

Built in the image of a broken, flawed creator

Truth is the heretic, the greatest traitor


We rise from our graves, we're encased in tombs of envy and greed

We set ourselves to old words of power addicts, devouring the words that they feed

As they throw us back to the past, c0ndemning false idols to shatter and bleed


Eyes widen and feed in the light, magicians weave the threads of fate

Build from the bones of a lie, hypnotised and made to persuade

Manipulated for the gold hidden beneath, defying logic, escape and evade


Different interpretations fed to the flames and turned to ashes

Divide, conquer and place the blame, sentence the rest to whip lashes

Hidden assassins cut the throat of illumination, continuation of a corrupt operation 




The End

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