She thought it was over.
Her dreams began to fade to dust.
Kept telling herself "There will be a better day."
But a growing fear made her doubt such a hope.

Then a new wind came. 
Something hopeful approached.
But the girl scorned it, pushed it away.
Unwilling to be hurt yet again.

Turning away, shielding her eyes.
It's such a beautiful and hurtful thing all at the same time.
Never imaging her mother would have fallen in love again before her daughter.
A strange way this world works. 

A funny thing happened.
The people who had brought the hope of a new future.
Didn't run away after a little while.
The girl was curious, yet cautious. 

Tears filled her eyes, it all reminded her of the past.
It was just too much, but she had to suck it up.
For the sake of the one's she loved, of the one's she knew deserved the gift.
It just hurt so much.

Guess what?
The pain began to recede.
Love for the future began to grow.
Just because she had allowed a new thing in.

Smiling more, she began to love life even though abandon by those she loved the most.
Beginning to understand that nothing good stays to long just for her.
So she's learning that even though life's tough, enjoy it while you can.
You really have no choice, so why not be happy?

House hunting, promises of a new future. 
The whispers of marriage and happily-ever-after's.
A little girl with shining brown eyes saying she wants the girl to be her sister.
Hugging her, telling her she loves her.

I'm beginning to see.
How beauty from pain could be.
I'm beginning to understand.
It really was all worth it in the end. 

The End

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