Brown Sugar

Caught in the middle sometimes

I wonder how could this day change
Change my mind
Try to find something somewhere
In between the brown sugar in my hair

I guess you can say
I learned to find my way
Through dust and storm
Until time stops shifting form

Taken by the song
Releasing all minds wrong
Branches twigs a funkin trunk
Away the pettiness has sunk

So you ask me
How come your smile never flies ?

Smiling back is all there is to be
Letting the answer shine through effortlessly
But he stares at me with empty eyes
Unaware of needed goodbyes

Reaching out I pull him close
"just feel" I reply softly
His tense shoulders falls
As he lets out a gust

The moment is without reason
Transparent to analysation
He pulls me closer
His face nesting in my hair

I feel the smile finding its way
As he lift my head
A soft presence covers us
" I feel your smile" he says at last

The complications of life
As abusive husbands wife
Far from control
Played like a marionette's doll

strings detached
We find what was snatched
The careless child
To her to him reconciled

The End

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