This is dedicated to my big brother, who has always been there for me through thick and thin.

Sibling Stronghold:
Sometimes, I am struck
with gratitude
for your firm friendship
during old days of childhood.
When words, "weirdo", clung to me
like a bad odour.
Confidence undermined,
by childish cruelty.

It was you, who showed me,
translated from a language
of in-jokes and out-joys,
That silence is the strongest word
against the mouth of malice.
The power of pitying
infantile tormenters,
and that humour heals all,
my perceived pointlessness.

It was you, who taught me
to listen to my own voice,
to trust my own sight,
to embrace my own unique alienness;
Extraordinary in the ordinary,
The craft of the creative.

Now just you watch,
as I wield,
these words within me.
Precious power passed down,
bound by blood.
My very own,


The End

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