Broken ToyMature

Raised in abuse, a child grows and finds the strength to stand against those that would crack the belt.

I am of broken back
Wrap me in your darkest of wings
You steal virginity
Rape me of the little things
You slit my tiny wrists
Bleed me of my innocents
And you disgust me

You plant me deep in your filth
And hope my roots won't show
You water me with your hate
And pray my seeds won't grow
You stab me in the heart
And wish that my wounds won't heal
But I will never kneel

I am a child
The one you victimized
You are the one
That has sewn shut your eyes
What you see in me
Is what you want to be
What you see is what you feel that you can never be

I am the angry little boy
I use to be my mother's pride and joy
I am no longer your whipping boy
I am a broken toy

The End

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