Broken String, Changing

Torrent, torrent.  Torrent of darkness falls so soon.  Boiling water introduces the night.  Falling to pieces never felt so cutting, laundered, precipitated.  Surging urges casting calls to devices calling.  Step over the refinery to your new waste pool, glistening with a sheen so dark, so black, so bright, so blinding.  All color.  No color.  Freezing time and removing it into unknown reasons, spraying out into atmospheres beyond.  Gone to question daughters and sons.  Puzzling the ancestors and crucifying ideas, fighting conceptions.  Tracing back bucolic interference to pull under the mat of nationalistic indifference, trudging calls of death by the living lineage, opening port-holes over ancient ruined memories.  Come see. Come see what you have done unto your thirst.  Pacing finely furnished cities, wading in the plume of dead species and dying encounters.  Neighborhoods patrol finely lit eradicated streets, razed by mental bulldozing homeowners.  Partly to forget, partly to appease uniform torsos.  Trouble sweeps fast, pulling along, positioning parking spaces.  No parking space left behind.  Crescent flags dangle uncontrolled, unfolding until massive fingers strike, strike, strike.  Filleted, constrained, contained.  Angling sounds into unreasonable spaces.

I am yr neighbor, your ocean, yr sea.  Your unqualified salient need.  Save me under your sheets of cotton and seaweed, promise me a Myanmar revolution.  Truncate my media with technological mayhem, wormhole contamination.  Appease my worries hanging behind polished dental plans and absolute mergers.  Report and record every dream of interest to the governing body; filming your every eye movement.


The End

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