Broken piece of glass

This one is for those who fall in love and realise things have changed but they can neither walk away or stay there...they hurt either ways...cause maybe the love is still there...

I thought it was a flower
Soft, happy and fragrant 
I thought maybe a pearl
Cool, smooth with a shine
But all it actually was
Just a broken piece of glass

“Trust me” it said “I don’t want anything”
“will be happy just being next to you”
Today the expectations have changed
And though no promises were made
I walked beyond, I opened my heart

Only when I came too close
Broke my shield and stepped out
I realized what I had done
I stuck that piece in my heart

Why false promises didn’t let me see
It will be difficult to live without
And every day it will go deeper
A new cut, a new pain

Everyday a promise would be broken
Words that would have no action
Value that is tied to false words
The cut a deeper shade from previous hurt

But glass, can it ever feel the pain
Realize that the wounds will be forever
No story or reason or walking away
Is going to heal or make me the same

I thought it was love
Pure, touching and innocent
I thought it was happiness
I wanted to dance again
But all it actually was
Just a broken piece of glass

The End

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