Broken in more ways then oneMature

I am confused , angry, tired I feel like giving up. My life has turned in a totally diffrent direction which I was not expecting I'm hurt I just wish I could believe life is going to get better. But the big question is Will it?

I sit here wondering why I'm on my own
I try to be happy but it's harder all alone
Making people smile is all I love to do
Feeling like the worlds with me
But none of that is true,
Positivity is all I wish for
Maybe it's a dream but I guess I wanted more

Everyone not going to like me
But I don't really care
Because I'm more then you can handle
But you won't find someone like me
My kind is very rare ,
I've walked the walk a thousand times
Some people think things and can't even
Speak their mind,
Don't be scared just talk the talk
Don't linger stutter say it loud
Speak up for yourself and be proud

Leaving peaces of my heart to break
My heart hurts so bad, I don't know how much I can take
I love too hard but that's one thing i can't change
I ask myself truthfully
Will I ever be able to get up again.
Drifting emotions are lead apart
How can one live with a broken heart
Feeling pain of a lost little girl.
I feel curled up in this empty little world.

Tears like a river which continue to flow
But I can't climb the mountain
untill I fully know,
That my hearts fully mended
And my smile starts to show,
Untill that day I will continue living
Untill that day I will keep on forgiving
Untill that day my life shall go on
untill I find that love I want.

The End

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