Broken Hearts

Words are not enough to express it but I try

my wounds wont shut my heart cant heal
My life is a fairy tale i cant see anymore what's real
I've become the person i was a long time ago
My heart is broken nothing will help it sew
Back to my dreams i lay there thinking of what i wanted from life
But as the blood drips from my body i know now my only friend was my knife
So i say my good byes to all those who have hurt me i final give to this fight
For this is my final breath as i drift to sleep forever this very night
Do not miss my smile do not miss my face
For you have found someone to take my place
Forget my name and all that i have done for you
Cause this life of my is to hard to continue to go through
You was my angel, my true love i gave you my all
Now it's hard to breathe as i turn to crawl
I cried my last tear for you for this is my farewell
Just wanted to be loved instead i was welcomed to hell
You say you cared you say you loved me i trusted you
But now i can see the light now for everything i must do
You are no longer the one i seek when my heart aches
You are the cause that it bends and breaks

The End

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