Broken Hearts

Nobody understands. Nobody would understand even if they tried. Not a single person can see the world like I see it. See that boy how I see him. Nobody would relate. Because I see him for who he truly is, or who I want him to be. Who I think he really is, without getting the inside scoop.

I am asumming the best. And I know it myself. I don't know who he really is. But I cannot help falling madly in love. But the truth is, I do it everytime. I fall for someone who is not willing to catch me. I rush into things without a second thought. My heart breaks, and everyone else is left to pick up the pieces. And I am left with no hope. I am left with a broken heart. The one who broke it, is the only one who is capable of fixing it. And that is the truth. The full on truth. And I need to see it clearly. Because here I sit, with yet another broken heart.

The End

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