Take me back for all the wrong reasons.

"Don't stay with me because it's right,
Guilt, pain and memories are all that hold you to me,
You don't love me.
You were the one that left.
You stole my bible, now you've stole my morality.
Do you want more?
My soul?
My eyes?
My dearly beloved?
You can have it all, I've lost my mind."


Scrambling the streets,
Looking for the pieces of her brain,
She threw it away in the heat,
She'll never be the same.


He's out there looking for nothing,
For imagination,
Broken, I sit,
Broken, In a fit,
Fits of rage, of desperation, of love,
You can't wave a wand,
You can't make this right.

Magic doesn't exsist, nor does the heart you smashed.


Her dearly beloved is the bottle,
Vodka, whisky, whatever she can handle,
Her dearly beloved is the edge of a blade,
She is the spade, digging her own grave.


Let me save you from the reaper. Let me save your mind.

The End

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