The Sad Dance of the Puppeteer

Have you asked me to stay,
For who’s sake do I enter,
Do I stake claim in this foray?
The others will never come,
I know this to be true.
Lovely deception seeps into
My features as they twist and try,
Try to remain motionless a second time,
The deed is done now girl,
The air is green with your thoughts,
You leave the room, and my vision is lost,
I’m lead on, but forever in jest,
Eyes laid to rest on a cross in your heart,
Crucified, alone for all my sins,
Euthanized and cursed again and again,
We have done nothing, faithful mark,
But you will burn me and call it just,
And I will danse macabre in flames,
Echoing the song of dawn and dusk,
To join the others in colourless dust.
Blown in the wind and by your breathe,
Do you laugh or cry as we scatter thus?
Do you hate us, or is your love too much?
Too great to see the storm arrive,
Instead you are the god of your own demise,
You play the puppet as you pull the strings,
You wrap the things around your throat,
Your performance not one of fire and light,
Your life extinguished with one last gust,
The dust that remains is skyward thrust;
In the air we receive our burial rites,
And realize how much we miss your touch.

The End

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