I cannot find the words to say
How much I hate you, today
But no I wasn't good enough?
You wanted more, more love
I'm sorry I can't fulfill your 'need'
But hear these words, and take heed
Next time you come near me, beware
I'm done loving, I don't care
I'll tear you apart, peice by peice
This love is through, it now will cease
You ripped my heart, from out my chest
And now it's you, that I detest
You think I wouldn't hear your lies
Your selfish, cheating, wanting cries
I have no more to say to you
For what you say and what you do
Are different things, you wanted more
A loving haven, a safe, good shore
You said you love no one but me
But I can see you, I can see
You found someone with your selfish wants
And your infidelity, now haunts
Me, now I want it all back
Cause in faithfulness you lack
If I ever see you again, at all
Expect to hurt, expect to fall
Because I hate you, you cheated on me
But now I know, and I can see

The End

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