Broken GirlMature

Alone, even in a room filled with people

The dead amongst living;

A ghost-girl.

Surrounded by her family, and those once called friends

She's scared of every one of them, and feels hate

For the way they smile, pretend everything's okay

Well, fuck you! she wants to scream, you were there for me too late.

Because of Him, she feels no pleasure

Can't take joy in the warmth of the sun

All the flowers and animals she once loved

She now hates, for what he has done.

Why her? She once so loved the world

Before he poisoned all passion in her heart

She's robotic, unfeeling; so afraid if she cares

Someone she trusts will again rip her apart.

She can never forgive and never forget

The scars a constant reminder of the pain

When her innocence was torn away from her

Body abused; pleas scorned with disdain.

Mutilated by petrol and flame

By the stench of her own charred flesh asphyxiated

And his twisted laughter drilling into her ears

As she sobs on the floor, humiliated.

Rope slicing into the skin on her wrists

Drowning in a cascade of salty tears

Spreadeagled; degraded; far less than a whore

And Him towering above her, mouth spread in evil leers.

No matter how much she washes and scrubs

Her body feels impure, tainted with sin

She can still feel those grubby hands on her flesh

Groping, ripping, burrowing in.

And the knife remains in her nightmares

The blade used to carve open her body

Her arms and neck, prepubescent chest

Her screams, to him, sweet melody.

She still can't sleep with the door closed

Claustrophobic from all the hours, days, weeks

She was imprisoned in a secret den with locked doors

Her body being used for sexual thrill peaks.

Sadistic excitement from seeing her blood

And the whip-weals on what once was pure

Her pain, to him, an aphrodisiac

To his insecurities, dominance the cure.

But she gives not a damn for the problems he had

He's warped her mind and beaten down her soul

Taking away all she could have had

Tarring what was innocent and whole.

She weeps over lost rainbows

All the hopes and dreams he destroyed

She'll never let herself love again

Nothing can ever fill that void.

At night, every shadow to her is Him

Coming back to harm her again

To grip her throat, and force her down

Decorate the bedroom floor with bloodstain.

Her mother still goes to visit Him

In the prison where he's iron-clad

But the girl he has broken will never again

Refer to him as her Dad.

The End

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