Broken Completely

Lost a soul mate and no hope of recovering from it.

Slit my throat and watch me bleed,
i'm tired, all i've done is plead!
I gave you my all and you threw it away,
now you have nothing to say.
You tossed away what we had so quick,
now i am constantly just sick.
I cant sleep, i cant eat, i cant even cry,
all i want to know is why?
Why did you do it, why'd you give up on me,
I'm in love with you, why can't you see?
I have done all i can and now i'm giving in,
we'll never have back what we did then.
you give me no choice, i have to let go,
i'm not worth the fight and you tell me so.
I'll never stop loving you Chris,
the life we had i will surely miss.
I hope you find all that I tried to be,
I gave you my all but it just wasn't enough.

The End

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