Broken Bones

Something I wrote when I felt betrayed, and hurt, and angry, and wanted to cry so much that the world was in beautiful fragments of glassy tears.

Leave me alone!
Leave me be!
Can't you see
How tired I feel?

Crawling fingers
Up my spine
Can't trust you - 
I draw the line

Whispering doubts
My mind's on fire
Dirty secrets;
Liar, liar

Broken pieces
Shattered lies
Was it all a ruse - 
Just a mere disguise?

Crimson teardrops
Salty blood
Safety bonds
Thrown to mud

Careless words
Make piercing arrows;
Ricochet, ricochet
Dirty marrow

Broken bones
Won't make regret
Nut and hammer - 
Death's date set

Death's fire
Burns so bright - 
Such a shame
It can't last the night.

The End

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