My heart beats hard against my chest,

Perspiration lining my forehead,

Hands twitching, not a nerve is calm,

Eyes wide in doubt, head bowed down,

A hollow feeling settles around,

Mouth unmoving, not a sound,

Flame extinguished, all is dark,

Body bear to insults mark,

My heart beats faster, ribs bruise,

The fiend in my mind whispering words,

To make my broken body worse,

Crystal tears slip down my cheeks,

Silent sobs rock my body,

I tire of this dreadful world,

Why does it act so absurd?

On shaking legs I stand,

With an equally shaking conscience a deep breath I draw,

And breathe out all my fears and broken dreams,

In an attempt to make better what is worse,

And live another day this life, this curse. 

The End

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