i was really depressed. i didn't know what to do and i didn't actually want to hurt my self cuz it would bring up questions so this is what i did

I force my eyes from my forearms and look at the girl before me. I don't even know who she is anymore. Dark circles surround her bloodshot eyes and her plain brown hair is a mess of knowts. Just looking at her disgusts me. She's so stupid, so ugly, so completely and utterly useless. The clothes she wears do nothing to hide the disgusting body of hers. Red drips off her fingers as blood oozes from the fresh new cuts. Suddenly, a wave of emotions wash over me. Sadness, despair, jealousy course through my body, only to disappear the next second, pushed out of the way by anger. i grit my teeth and reach for the nearest object, my bloodied knife. Using all my strength, i hurl it at the girl before me. The blade strikes true and stickes in the wall. Glass cracks and falls to the floor taking the image of with it. Tears flow down my face and i fall to my knees, sinking into oblivion.

The End

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