I haveMature

I have fallen in love
with a soul so brilliant
and bright
and warm
enveloping me in the way
you flow
and sing to me
pure veins
spilling onto pages
and strings
skimming skin
and soft lips
my god
you are so
you are fucking perfect
to me
from the songs you sing to me
to those beautiful eyes
staring into mine
to the talking
about who you used to be
to laying next to you
listening to you talk
and oh I could do that
I could listen to you talk
for hours my dear
I have fallen in love
with a world I never knew
I would be a part of
one filled with music
and love
these two things
like nothing I’ve ever heard
or seen
or felt
this world
is made for two
and it has never been
more perfect.

The End

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