New StartMature

i'm tired
in the
kind of way
in the
my family sucks
kind of way
in the
i'm gonna fail school"
kind of way
i'm just tired,
you know?
kinda want
to disappear
off the face
of the earth
for a bit
sleep awhile
start a new life,
just for a little bit
be new
learn things
i wouldn't
"what do you mean?"
i don't know,
i don't know.
"i wish
that i could give you
the new start
you want."
it's dumb,
i'm just tired
"it's not dumb
i want the same-
but with you
still in my life."
it's dumb
i don't want
a new start
but you know
how i imagine
my new start?
in the world
sitting in the middle
of the kitchen
talking about
the universe
with you.
nothing else
matters to me
but that.
not where.
not what.
just you.
but it didn't matter
how i imagined it
you were always
this dude
that everybody
the stages
were yours
the music
was louder
than ever
and even better
were the songs
you played
to me.
every time,
that never changed.
"i want a new start,
i wish i had the ability
to do so much over
but i can't imagine
life without you."
i would give anything
to be with you
and happy
in a new start
it has never changed
and i don't think
that it ever will.

The End

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