Nature On Your Cheek

Nature is now and here,
Always here, not       there,
Your friends are away,
Minding the past and future care,
Absent and awake only in dream,
Thoughts lost in memory,
Where are they?
When today?
Future, past, are they lost?
Perhaps they see but a fragment,
An image clear and singular,
The other world but a blur,
And they cannot know what goes on,
Behind their back, below their nose,
Do they feel the earth beneath their toes?
And where do they reside, if not inside,
Not here with you beside,

Look though to nature,
And the touch of cold upon your cheek,
Always present, not-absent-not-passing,
To the moment it lives,
Each drop of rain on each leaf,
Each blowing wind not the same,
Each sound that moves below,
No call is ever alone.

The End

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