Here Upon

Upon this page, upon the blankness,
There comes a dream of words,
It marks its way like tracks through snow,
Shivers with nerves then in courage,
New horizons across the margin,
Trickling with ink it hides a grin,
It can tell when it has done,
The whiteness cannot speak of,
Such wonder as the splattering,
Of human scrawl like detailed shadow,
Beneath candle, beneath eyes,
It knows of a love less touched,
But subtle and true in thought,
In memory, it may stay and play,
And in the mind below the soul,
What place will it go, but there to be,
Like a witness and teller for time,
Placed with a hand and traced with an eye,
To stand and land a tap upon your mind,
Hello, it says, look here and see,
I can give to you what came from me.

The End

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