Benjamin went exploring today

Benjamin went exploring today,
A bag on his back without knowing the way,
First to the hills where the view lay spread,
And then to the woods with birds overhead,

In the meadow across the brook,
Three peaceful deer pause to look,
Passing by with silent care,
He finds a trail whose use is rare,

He meets four humingbirds on his quest,
With sparkling pink jewels in their chests,
They dance and flit about his head,
He watches in wonder with no words said,

And to the bluffs where secrets lie,
Amongst the alders where the breezes sigh,
Then a blaze reflects the sun's rays,
A window from which he once did gaze,

With calculus and physics behind his head,
He would let his thoughts out the window instead,
Leaving the logic and reasons behind,
He once did wonder what he would find,
If he hiked the hill beyond the school,
If he let go of reason, if he let go of rule...

And now here he stands at its mighty base,
With a rocky road etched across its face,
He climbs past those trees that he once did know,
As shapes in the distance with little to show,

He walks through the pasture that had looked so bare,
And now he discovers that it is riddled with hares,
With droopy ears and fluffy tails,
The rabbits hide alongside the trail,

And then atop the boulder he climbs,
To gaze over the treetops to a distant time,
When he sat at that window so far away,
So small and unreal when compared to this day,

He sits down to enjoy this moment of peace,
And this poem comes to life as the words are released.

The End

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